Envato Projects

Flickr Pack

The best gallery implementation for Flickr on the market

  • Horizontal masonry grid that is very familiar for Flickr users
  • Made on the base of Moon Mega Grid jQuery Plugin
  • Very simple to start
  • Tons of additional options



Grand Pack

Grand Pack is a collection of 34 Artistic Galleries.

Moon Mega Grid is a multipurpose horizontal masonry grid building solution



Magic LightBox

Multifunctional animated lightbox with tones of options



PreviewMagic is a magic way to see content of other pages when you don’t want to leave the main page. You can navigate from one page to another clicking on links. You can send forms. You can apply javascript. You can load part of the page or You can load the whole page. You can use it everywhere!



EasyLoader is a cool Javascript library that will make all your pages unforgettable for your visitors. With EasyLoader you can build a chain of different animated effects just after the page is loaded. You can make stickers, the Info-Panel, closable elements. Easyloader will help you animate elements having either absolute or relative positioning with the same ease.


Big Open Source Projects

Moon Gallery

Moon Gallery is a multipurpose horizontal masonry grid building solution:

  • integrated support for canvas and svg filters perfect for mobile devices
  • simple templating tools
  • built-in lightbox with retina support
  • 2 retina modes
  • memory saving algorithm
  • works either with json or html formats (custom parsers)


Lift Portal

Scala web CMS based on Lift and Slick. Development stage.



Other Open Source Projects

Moon Gallery












Big Russian Project

Intranet Portal